Fish Grabber™

The Ultimate “Catch & Release” Tool!

This popular accessory is THE ORIGINAL Fish Grabber invented by HyPark's founder & engineer/fishing expert!

    FISH GRABBER helps keep fish under control for easier, safer and faster hook removal. It protects your hands from fish bites, stings and hooks. It gives the user the “hands-on” feeling of control while handling the fish. Keeps that winning trophy fish from being “the one that got away!”

    FISH GRABBER also helps to protect fish which are being released! It puts a firm but harmless grip on the fish. It will not puncture or damage the fish like other types of grippers. And it will not absorb the fish's protective coating like bare hands or gloves do.
It gets the fish back into the water faster and safer.

•Catch and release a healthy fish!
•Keeps your fish under control.
•Keeps hands and gloves drier and warmer while fishing in cold weather and ice fishing.
•Great for holding down fish while scaling.
•Elastic straps for a secure grip to your hand.
•Fits any hand - Fast and easy to get on and off.
•One-piece, unbreakable molded plastic body.
•Floats in water, never sinks. 

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$6.98 USD