Mino-Mizer™ Combo-Box (Mino-Mizer and 12volt converter)

    This package includes both the MINO-MIZER bait aerator and the 12-volt battery converter.

    Until MINO-MIZER there was always one big problem in using live bait; keeping them alive, fresh and frisky long enough to do their job. The oxy-bags or bubblers just couldn't meet the challenge. There you were, out on the water, ready to go after that record-breaking catch, only to open your bait container and find all your bait belly-up.

    Then came MINO-MIZER, the revolutionary bait-saving technique. This compact, professional live-bait aerator atomizes the water, spraying out a fine mist which provides 6 times more oxygen than bubblers, cooling as it aerates. This provides the perfect habitat for all types of live bait (even hard-to-keep shrimp!). Just imagine going straight to the lake (or ocean) with fresh and lively bait left over from the week before.

    Simple to operate, MINO-MIZER is a vital tool in every angler's arsenal. MINO-MIZER can run approximately 70 to 80 hours per 6-volt spring-post lantern battery or 11 to 14 days per screw-post lantern battery. Or, when combined with the MINO-MIZER CONVERTER, it will run from any 12-volt car or boat battery. 

    MINO-MIZER’s small, compact size makes it versatile enough for use in almost any type of bait container: minnow bucket, 5 gallon pail, 48 qt. cooler or live-well up to 20 gallons. 

    Also available is the MINO-MIZER AC Adaptor for use on any 120-volt wall outlet in your home, garage, cabin or camper, eliminating the need for batteries.

    Made in the USA, its quality, water-tight construction provides quiet dependable operation. No annoying buzzing or pumping noises,
 keeping both bait and angler happy. Perfect for fresh and salt water, summer and winter. Comes with a 90-day manufacturers warranty.

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$27.95 USD